Elite Athletes Summer Training

The following package is attended for elite level athletes that are extremely serious about their summer training.  The package will include detail oriented rigorous training with lots of feedback for the athlete and parent.

This is an INVITE ONLY Group so please contact us if you are interested in joining. The camp will run from June 17th and end August 28th.


June 17th - August 28th

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday





*Note there will be no sessions July 3rd - July 7th


40 Strength and Conditioning Sessions

The athletes will participate in 4 Strength and Conditioning Sessions Per Week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday all beginning at 9:00am and running until 10:30am.  The sessions will focus on Power, Explosiveness, Mobility, Cardio and Speed.


10 Mobility Sessions

Every Wednesday the Athletes will Participate in a Yoga/Mobility Class that will focus on stretching, small muscle training & core strength.  It will also help repair many of the damages their bodies endure during a lengthy season. These sessions will be at 9:45am.


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Heart Rate Monitors

Roots is excited to announce that we will be using Heart Rate Monitor technology to not only monitor our athletes but give them real time feedback on their effort.  On top of that this technology will be able to give players and parents feedback to take home and evaluate.


2 Fitness Tests

The program will include 3 fitness tests to evaluate the progress of our athletes.  We will perform tests at the beginning, midway point and conclusion of the program to give feedback on the improvements made over the summer.


In Season Workout Guide

Many athletes train hard all summer only to see those gains lost over the course of the season.  We will provide an in season workout guide to help negate these losses.  The program will include pre and post game exercises as well as tips for your off days.


Discounted Supplement Prices

As part of the Elite Summer Package, the athletes will have access to discounted prices on supplements.  The summer training can be very grueling and it is important to fuel the body with proper nutrition to maintain peak performance

Cost - $899